We need to live for something

And you need good Ukrainian-language traffic.
We just have one

How much of it do you have?

Slightly less than in , but quite enough to successfully advertise the product or bring a new audience.
75 000 відвідувачів здійснюють
150 000 візитів щомісяця

Who are all these people?

Your potential customers:
  • Kiev 21%
  • Dnipro 13%
  • Lviv 8%
  • Odessa 5%
60%Regular readers
  • 19%
  • 46%
  • 20%
95% of our audience can already buy cigarettes

What are they interested in?

Anything. This sample includes people with different interests: from cooking to cryptocurrencies.

And here's what we write about:
in Ukraine

What do you suggest?

Advertising formats for all occasions:
🔥 Affiliate material (or posting a ready-made article)
A format with unlimited marketing potential. A full-fledged article that can be written by you, or with the involvement of our authors. The best way to tell our audience about your product or service.
Formats: press release, tips, review of a product or service, promotion.
For constant cooperation there is a system of discounts.
5 000 UAH
+ 700 UAH to advertise an article on Facebook
Full branding on the main or in the article
The largest format in terms of area, which is guaranteed not to leave your advertising unnoticed. Both full and partial (without the middle) branding is allowed. Given the significance of this format, more serious moderation is applied to promotional materials than usual.
This format works best in tandem with partner material.
negotiable price
Banner in the side block
Standard vertical format to the right of the article
4 000 UAH / month
Banner in the text of the article
Standard horizontal format that breaks text
Haul in the header
Arbitrary height bar above page content
6 000 UAH / month
Banner in article tile
Native home page integration
4 000 UAH / month
Category menu
Links in the main menu on all pages of the site
Sponsored Article
You can sponsor any of the articles already written
2 000 UAH
A separate post about a product, group, or event. Can contain videos, photos, and links.
1 400 UAH
Event on Facebook
An event created on behalf of the group, or complicity in an event that you have already created
1 400 UAH

Will all your visitors see my ad?

Ideally, no. We constantly make efforts to ensure that our readers receive only what interests them, and advertisers do not waste their budget, so we have a system for targeting a specific target audience.
Available filters
  • - Geography (oblast, city)
  • - Age
  • - Gender
  • — Technology (device, OS, browser)

What are you waiting for?

In order to get started, you just need to fill out the form on the right and we will call you back or write.

By the way, in addition to advertising, we also offer our own content production, that is, we are ready to take on the creation of high-quality photos, videos and text materials for your advertising.

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