The social network Twitter has restored a feature that promotes anti-suicide hotlines to users who search for certain content on social networks. This was reported by Reuters.

The publication notes that by personal order of Elon Musk on December 23, the function was removed. However, Twitter’s head of trust and security, Ella Irwin, said the removal was temporary.

At first, Musk did not respond to requests for comment, but then began writing in response to a message that no one had removed the feature and it was still available.

The #ThereIsHelp feature shows a banner at the top of the screen from the search results for specific topics. The banner contains contacts of “hotlines” related to mental health, HIV, vaccination, freedom of speech, etc.

Soon, the banner began to appear again in the results of searches for suicide and domestic violence.

As a reminder, recently the social network Twitter began to show everyone how many views user posts have.