Due to declining electronics demand, chip inventory growth has peaked over the past ten years. This is quite unexpected against the backdrop of a global deficit that lasted two years.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the increase in chip stocks indicates that trends in the economy have changed. Now manufacturers of goods that were in high demand at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic are suffering from the lack of demand for their products. In particular, the publication gives an example of companies HP and Dell. If after the start of the pandemic their computers were wildly popular, now the demand for them is much lower.

The publication notes that for consumers, the glut of the market with chips is good news, since now the necessary products can be purchased faster and cheaper. At the same time, chip manufacturers are forced to resort to reducing costs and, accordingly, labor. Thus, the American corporation Micron is forced to reduce 10% of workers, the publication notes.

Earlier, we reported that the American technology corporation Intel and the Canadian investment company Brookfield Asset Management are planning to jointly invest up to $ 30 billion in chip manufacturing plants in the US state of Arizona.