A class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple. The corporation is accused of racial discrimination, according to AppleInsider. The plaintiff, a man named Alex Morales of the United States, claims that the Apple Watch smartwatch does not work correctly due to the color of his skin.

According to Morales, the Apple Watch It acquired between 2020 and 2021. He claims that he has previously come across information that a pulse oximeter on a device works with failures if a person does not have white skin.

Morales argues that the coronavirus pandemic has revealed the “structural racism” that exists in many areas of society. According to him, studies seemed to prove that the pulse oximeters of the “smartwatch” in the case of black patients do not work correctly.

Morales filed a lawsuit on Dec. 24. It is allegedly filed on behalf of all black New Yorkers who purchased the Apple Watch during the statute of limitations. He also filed lawsuits on behalf of residents of Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming, based on those states’ anti-fraud laws.

The plaintiff accuses Apple of undue enrichment, violation of consumer protection laws, racial discrimination and fraud.

Recall that next year Apple will be obliged to allow the installation of applications from third-party stores on its gadgets.