The US House of Representatives will block the social network TikTok on the gadgets of its employees. This app, according to Engadget, should not be on the devices of lawmakers and government employees due to “high risk due to a number of security concerns.”

If one of the representatives of the government sphere is found to have a banned social network, they will be required to delete the application. The use of TikTok will only be allowed for law enforcement activities and representatives of the national security industry.

The next step of the US government will be to completely block TikTok and a number of applications related to countries with repressive governments. Among them are China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. This will happen to prevent the dissemination of American user data and censor news.

Earlier it became known that TikTok employees had access to the personal information of media representatives. They could also track their whereabouts.