The operator Domino’s Pizza is currently exploring the possibility of selling its own business in the Russian territories against the background of a full-scale war that the aggressor country has launched against Ukraine.

This is reported by the BBC, referring to the statement of DP Eurasia, which is the owner of the Domino’s Pizza franchise in Russia.

DP Eurasia says it is currently “overestimating its own presence in the Russian market, the impact of sanctions and its own continued ability to serve its customers in Russia.” Currently, the company remains one of the few that maintains its presence in the Russian Federation and continues to provide services to Putin’s subjects.

Now the company says it is considering selling Russian assets and said work on the deal is already underway. In the Russian territories, the company has 171 pizzerias Domino’s Pizza; 68 of them are her property, another 103 are franchised. The firm also operates Domino’s franchise in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Previously, KFC and Pizza Hut were completely out of Russia.