After 14 years of construction, the Nan de Drance hydroelectric power station finally began to work at full strength. It was launched in the Swiss Alps. It is able to store enough energy to charge 400 thousand batteries, writes IFL Science.

Power engineers are currently trying to solve the main problem of renewable energy sources. It lies in the fact that wind and solar power plants under favorable weather conditions can produce more energy than necessary. The excess must be somehow stored in order to use it if necessary. The Nan de Drance hydroelectric power station is an attempt to solve this problem.

Excess energy is used to pump water to the Vieux Emosson tank located at the top. Therefore, this water can be used to power turbines during energy shortages.

Scientists recognize that this “water powerbank” is not an ideal solution to the problem. At the same time, it is much better than simply allowing excess energy to be wasted.

The management of the hydroelectric power station claims that the “water battery” is able to ensure the storage of excess energy not only in Switzerland, but throughout Europe.

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