In Chinese companies, hiring digital employees is gaining momentum. Broadcasting, travel agencies and financial companies are primarily interested in the work of virtual people, CNBC reports , citing Lee Shiyan, the head of the technology company Baidu.

The head of virtual people and robotics business stressed that the virtual person has live communication skills, so he can broadcast news, host events and even sing. All this thanks to the combination of animation elements, sound technology and machine learning in it.

Hiring a virtual person will cost the company approximately $14 thousand per year. At the same time, three-dimensional digital twins are more expensive than two-dimensional ones.

Beijing is currently working on a plan to build a municipal virtual people industry. According to a survey of advertisers, it turned out that almost half of them (45%) are ready to sponsor a virtual person’s performance or join a brand event.

Recall that the neural network Neural Synesthesia painted how, in her opinion, the birth of the Earth’s civilization took place and how the history of our planet will end.