A startup called Ice Straw has been created on the Kickstarter platform. The Ice Guys project team is working on the production of molds for the manufacture of ice tubes. Ice cocktail straws will be an alternative to plastic and silicone.

Traditional plastic straws are considered almost the main household pollutant of the environment. Currently, there are also many problems with their alternative — tubes made of stainless steel, aluminum, silicone, etc. — (difficulties with cleaning, deterioration of the taste of drinks, impracticality).

Ice tubes will be the best solution to the problem. They do not need to be washed, they will only improve the taste of drinks and do not harm the climate.

The Ice Guys offers several molds for making tubes of different sizes. In particular, the Classic and Boba are 220 mm long, with a hole diameter of 5 and 12 mm, respectively, and a Cocktail for small glasses 140 mm long, and a hole of 5 mm.

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