CES 2023 will present the world’s first 55-inch OLED panel with a 4K camera and Wi-Fi 6E protocol, created by startup Displace.

The device has removable batteries and continues to operate on one battery if the second is removed for charging. The capacity of the batteries lasts for a month, when working for 6 hours a day.

Vacuum technology with an active Active Loop contour makes it easy to move and secure the device. Thanks to the vacuum lock, the TV panel clings to the wall if it is presented and pressed a little. No additional fasteners are required.

The OLED panel is equipped with a touch and voice interface and facial recognition systems. It is possible to connect several panels in different rooms to the wireless network using the base unit. This allows the image to “follow the user.”

The 55-inch TV panels can be connected to a large screen installed in hotels, entertainment and shopping malls, etc.

Earlier, we reported that on the eve of CES 2023, Samsung announced the Bespoke Family Hub refrigerator. A 32-inch screen is installed on its door.