The Midjorney neural network continues to demonstrate the “reincarnation” of the characters of cult films and cartoons in styles uncharacteristic of them.

Now artificial intelligence has presented the characters of the cult cartoon “Shrek” in the style of a horror film of the 1980s. The corresponding images appeared on the

So, in the form of the characters of the “horror” appeared Shrek himself with his wife Fiona, Donkey, Dragon, Puss in Boots, Mirror, Lord Shorty Farquard and Gingerbread.

Note that the Puss in Boots has lost his charm and the main “trump card” is a touching look.


Users in the comments noted that Shrek resembles Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Earlier, the Midjourney neural network, which has recently been rapidly gaining popularity, portrayed the heroes of the Harry Potter universe in the style of cyberpunk.