Special headphones Breeze was presented by LG. This device is designed to improve sleep. The form itself contributes to this, according to the manufacturer. This is reported by FoneArena.

LG calls the new gadget an innovative solution for sleeping. You expect the appropriate dimensions from such a device, however, judging by the advertising photo, the headphones are quite a solid size.

The device is wireless. According to LG, headphones monitor brain rhythms on an ongoing basis and determine sleep stages (fast, deep, hypnosis phase, etc.). They synchronize sounds to these rhythms, helping to improve falling asleep and sleeping.

The application contains more than 80 different sounds and compositions, there are also lullabies and ASMR. Built-in sensors monitor sleep by recording a moment of falling asleep and waking up, postures during sleep and frequency of movements.

In addition, the device syncs with YouTube and allows you to listen to regular music.

The weight of each of the headphones is 6 grams.

The announcement of the novelty is expected at CES 2023. How much an unusual device will cost and when it will appear on the market is still unknown.

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