Taiwan wants to protect itself from China’s invasion by creating its own satellite communication system. To implement the development project of the satellite division of its space agency, the country is looking for investors, according to the FT.

From three sources hidden in the situation, information was obtained about negotiations with several local and international investors. Satellite communications like Starlink, authorities say, will allow the media to operate during the alleged invasion and preserve telephone communications.

Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tan believes that the activation of Taiwan’s satellite network can be carried out in “several years.” Experiments are underway with non-geostationary satellite receivers to guarantee bandwidth during an invasion or natural disaster. They are located in 700 locations around Taiwan.

Taiwan is currently in talks with Silicon Valley venture capital firm Draper Associates, which has invested in SpaceX and Tesla.

Earlier, the US Federal Communications Commission granted SpaceX permission to deploy 7500 second-generation Starlink satellites at an altitude of 525 km, 530 km and 535 km.