In South Korea, Tesla was fined for allegations of violating advertising laws. The country’s authorities are confident that the company’s advertising deliberately misled buyers.

This is reported by Neowin.

According to Bloomberg, it is about the company’s allegedly false claims about the charging speed of electric vehicles and their power reserve. Also, the information on fuel costs was not true.

The amount of the fine to be paid by Tesla is 2.8 billion won. That’s about US$2.2 million.

In February 2022, the Fair Trade Commission launched an investigation into the authenticity of Tesla’s advertising. The company soon changed the text of the advertisement on its Korean website. However, this did not save her from a fine.

In addition to the 2.8 billion won, Tesla will have to pay another 1 million won for violating e-commerce law. This is due to the fact that, in the opinion of the regulator, the company did not add sufficient information on the procedure for canceling orders.

Tesla has not yet commented on the situation.

As a reminder, we previously reported that the US Department of Justice is continuing an investigation into Tesla over its allegation that autopilot on its cars provides a full driving capability.