The Brow Magic perfect eyebrow drawing device and HAPTA smart lipstick applicator are presented at CES 2023. It is reported by The Verge.

Brow Magic was developed by L’Oreal with the participation of the manufacturer of temporary tattooing devices Prinker. The device has 2400 tiny nozzles that can apply up to 1200 pixels per inch. It starts using the Brow Magic program after scanning the face.

The AR device allows you to “try on” different shapes of eyebrows, and choose the one that befits. After that, apply the primer with a brush and swipe the printer over the eyebrows. Applied eyebrows are easy to remove with makeup remover.

The HAPTA lipstick applicator was developed by L’Oreal with the participation of Verily Life Sciences. The smart gadget is equipped with a movable structure that regulates the angle of inclination and rotation. It allows lips to be tinted by users with limited hand mobility.

There is no information yet on the cost of L’Oreal Brow Magic and HAPTA devices.