The Chinese company Changhong Meiling said that its developers managed to create a unique “antiviral” refrigerator.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the device effectively fights bacteria and viruses. Moreover, according to the developers, the refrigerator is able to overcome even the causative agents of coronavirus.

The Meiling refrigerator has a special mechanism inside that is responsible for disinfecting food, as well as all internal surfaces in the refrigerator. The company says the technology is capable of handling 99.9% of pollution.

Currently, the refrigerator has already been certified by the Beijing Institute of Analysis. The researchers noted that the built-in disinfector really destroys even the most common strains of covid, in particular, SARS-CoV-2.

The refrigerator has one drawback. It must be refilled with special cartridges with antiviral filters. One such cartridge is enough for six months of operation of the device.

Disinfects food and surfaces refrigerator in ten minutes. The disinfector starts again after each door opening.

In which countries the refrigerator will be sold and what its price will be is still unknown.

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