Soon, the American corporation Apple will lose another top manager. Peter Stern, vice president of service development, notified colleagues of his dismissal. Business Insider learned about this from its own sources.

A source close to the top manager says that this will happen at the end of January. Stern decided to quit in order to “spend more time on the east coast of the United States.”

According to the publication, the dismissal of the top manager will lead to serious consequences in his team. Two sources familiar with the situation within the company clarify that after Stern’s dismissal, his department will be divided into three separate divisions. It is known that one of them will be headed by Oliver Schusser, the current head of the Apple Music service.

Stern has been working for the Apple Corporation since 2016. It is known about his close cooperation with Apple Senior Vice President Eddie Kew. There was even information that Stern could be his successor.

Earlier, one of Meta’s top executives, co-founder of id Software, as well as one of the developers of the legendary Doom game, John Carmack, said he had left the company led by Mark Zuckerberg.