The Japanese company Aromajoin presenteda device at CES-23 in Las Vegas, with the help of which smells are felt while watching movies and video games. The device is called Aroma Shooter Wearable .

The smells of the films are “digitized” using aromatic diffuser Aromajoin Aroma Shooter, the company explains. For this purpose, the “world’s first flavored video platform” AromaPlayer has been created, directing the aromas of what is happening on the screen to users.

Aroma Shooter It works on “solid-state” cartridges that provide a long-lasting aroma effect, unlike typical aromatic diffusers. The device has an assortment more than a hundred different flavors.

The device will cost up to 25 thousand UAH, not taking into account the cost of aromatic cartridges.

Recall that on the eve of CES 2023, Samsung announced the Bespoke Family Hub refrigerator. A 32-inch screen is installed on its door.