With the help of the Midjourney neural network in the architectural studio Focaccia Prieto, in Argentine, we created a concept of the city of the future. A giant city called Polymerpolis is located on the water.

According to the concept presented by the neural network, it consists of floating rings, each of which has everything you need to live in 4 thousand km. People. In addition to residential and industrial buildings, Polymerpolis will have areas for recreation and entertainment. Electricity will be generated by tides. The ocean ecosystem will remain unshakable thanks to a special water filtration system.

To create Polymerpolis, plastic waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch should be used. Information on financial investments and time that may be required to create a city is not made public.

Earlier, the Midjourney neural network, which has recently been rapidly gaining popularity, portrayed the heroes of the Harry Potter universe in the style of cyberpunk.