Since November last year, the well-known technical site CNET has regularly posted articles on financial topics written by artificial intelligence. We noticed it only now.

According to the Engadget portal , a series of materials was posted under the signature of CNET Money Staff. If you click on this phrase, there was an explanation that “The article was created using automation technology and carefully edited and verified by a specialist in our editorial office.”

In total, the site contains 73 materials created by neural networks. When the network began publicity about the true authorship of articles, the CNET portal deleted the page with the biography of CNET Money Staff.

Engadget emphasizes that it is usually customary to inform about the use of neural networks for the work of the editorial office in the media, at least in social networks, not to mention a separate press release. At the same time, CNET did not make any announcements on this matter.

Earlier, we reported that an American student developed a program capable of determining who the text was written by: artificial intelligence or human.