ChatGPT chatbot is rapidly gaining popularity — it is not surprising that a lot of dubious applications have appeared on the App Store and Google Play that I try to pretend to be a popular bot. It is reported by TechCrunch.

Applications try to trick users into paying for the “advanced features” of using the chatbot. At the same time, it is known that access to the real ChatGPT is free. The neural network developer, OpenAI, did not release official applications for it.

In particular, the publication notes that an application called ChatGPT Chat GPT AI AI With GPT-3 has rapidly gained popularity. Its installation is free, but the user is immediately offered a subscription at nearly $50 per month for “unlimited requests” to the chatbot. At the same time, this program does not provide any benefits to the user.

Experts point out that dishonest developers simply hope to trick as much money as possible in a short time, hoping for as many installs of their applications as possible, before stores “detect” the fake and remove it.

Earlier, we reported that an American student developed a program capable of determining who the text was written by: artificial intelligence or human.