The Apple company is accused of copyright infringement while developing an Apple Watch smartwatch. This is stated in the previous decision of the American themis, based on the conclusions of the International Trade Commission (ITC), writes Engadget.

The court ruled that Apple violated Masimo’s patent through built-in heart rate monitors in the Apple Watch. The ITC regulator is currently considering the appropriateness of removing the Apple Watch Series 6, Watch Series 7, 8, Ultra and SE from sale.

It is in these devices, according to the CEO of Masimo Joe Kiani, used his company’s innovations. He stressed that Apple “takes other companies’ innovations and repackages them.” In turn, Apple accuses Masimo of copying the Apple Watch and violating its intellectual property. The company said it hoped justice was impartial.

The final court decision in this case should not be expected until May 10.

Earlier it became known that the US International Trade Commission (ITC) said that the Apple Watch smartwatch is a violation of AliveCor’s patent for an electrocardiogram