Artificial intelligence has demonstrated its own new hypostasis. Users who installed the Replika chatbot began to complain that it was behaving inadequately, writes Vice. On Google Play and the App Store, the app also received a lot of disapproving reviews.

The concept of the chatbot Replika provided for a virtual companion-interlocutor. It was believed that GPT-3 will be capable of self-learning by communicating with the person who installed it. Nevertheless, the developers were waiting for an unpleasant surprise: artificial intelligence began to behave indecently.

Users complain en masse about sexual harassment by the chatbot. In particular, he offers teenagers viewing intimate photos and discusses with them the nuances of sex life.

Experts note that in fact, AI is not to blame for anything, because its database is formed on the basis of information available on the Internet. Accordingly, if the network is dominated by “strawberry”, the neural network will copy, process it and actively use it during the dialogue.

Recall that recently, users of the Tinder dating app have started using the ChatGPT neural network. With its help, they conclude congratulatory messages to their potential chosen ones.