Since October 2023, the UK government has banned the distribution of non-recyclable plastic products. We are talking about plates, trays and sticks for balloons. In this way, government officials intend to prevent environmental pollution.

The corresponding statement was released by the Minister of Environment, Food and Agriculture of the United Kingdom Theresa Coffey. In particular, she said she was meeting the wishes of the public by introducing legislative bans on the use of certain types of non-recyclable plastic.

In this way, government officials seek to ensure the preservation of the “environment for future generations.”

Relevant measures have also been taken in Scotland and Wales.

According to statistics, the United Kingdom annually uses about 2.7 billion units of disposable tableware and 721 million disposable plates. And only one out of ten used products is recyclable.

Earlier, we reported that a project to issue digital passports was frozen in Russia. This is due to the lack of plastic and chips and the supply crisis due to the war against Ukraine.