Компанія Ryse Aero Technologies (USA, Ohio) presented an air ATV for farmers. Easy to pilot electrical apparatus (eVTOL) has a vertical take-off and landing. It can be used by people without the appropriate certificate.

The movement of the device is carried out using six electric motors, the speed of rotation of screws with carbon blades is 2000 rpm. Removable battery packs.

The maximum flight duration is about 25 minutes at a speed of 101 km / h. The ATV is equipped with an artificial intelligence system to ensure flight stability. The ATV laser scanner helps to bypass obstacles.

Currently, farmers are testing the device. According to the company, in 45 minutes of training, the user masters management. The company plans to build 100 ATVs this year and another 1000 next year.

The cost of an air ATV will be about 150,000 euros.

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