We all now suffer from Russians, if not from shelling or other aggressive actions – then from their consequences. That is why for months Ukrainians live in the mode of potential blackout, and also from time to time immerse themselves in it for a short time. From time to time, you have to get yourself out of this whirlpool of stress, and the good old games that we once played on consoles are well suited for this, and now most of them are available simply in the browser.

Online games will entertain you and distract you from hard thoughts, the main thing is to comply with the measure.

After all, the one who has had fun and rested is ready for new achievements in real life. Especially when it brings us a lot of challenges.

Crossy Road

The coolness of this game, firstly, in the old-school interface, which will definitely warm the heartfelt fighters of the old hardening with nostalgia (back in the days of 2-bit consoles), and give the kids vivid impressions. So – you are a chicken that has set out of the woods and keeps its way through highways with heavy traffic and other challenges.

Your obstacles will be tracks and railway tracks, rivers, etc. You can be attacked directly from the sky by an eagle, and on the way you will collect gold coins. The survival of a defenseless chicken is entirely in your hands, can you save him – and win a prize in the final?

We guarantee that you will not be bored to spend even the whole day with this game. You will be able to show your own ability to react quickly and be careful to ensure the bird lives. In fact, the game has over 90 characters to play for. Collecting coins – you collect a fund for which you will buy yourself new and new heroes for the game.

Temple of Boom

Also in the style of the 80s and 90s, which is either a bug or a feature of all the games on this list. So, this toy is a full-fledged, stylized as a retro shooter. The action takes place inside an ancient tower where you are a fighter who fights a lot of bad guys. There are bandits, monsters, and other evil creatures out there, and the light is very dim, so you’ll have to compete with it all for survival in half-darkness.

The main rule to survive: move. Not to stand still, but to constantly run, hide, jump on platforms and destroy r*s… sori, villains. Some of them walk, someone jumps, and someone even knows how to fly. Everything, as in the case of Rusna, therefore. And also, if you fight with dignity, you will have the opportunity to receive new, very powerful weapons (from Western partners). We’re kidding.

Neon Blaster 2

A cool arcade shooter, where the hero from a neon gun will destroy balls with numbers. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? You will definitely want to turn on yourself during this game through synthwave headphones or the Star Wars soundtrack, because the effect of being present in the space world of the future is guaranteed! You shoot a neon blaster at flying objects, gradually gain points for yourself and go through 10 levels of difficulty one after another. All for the sake of victory!

Boogerman: a pick and flick adventure

The first thing you will do here: press the down arrow to wash your hero into the toilet. Intriguing? So, there was a very expensive laboratory where an amazing device was invented. It makes it possible to get rid of garbage by moving it to X-Crement Dimension. Philanthropist Snotty Ragsdale – who wanted to know as much as possible about this equipment – saw that it was stolen by a thief and teleported to another world. So now the rich man chooses a pseudo Boogermen for himself and rushes in pursuit of a scoundrel.

The struggle is hellish, but rather thrash methods – as you might have guessed. Boogermen does not have any extraordinary superhero abilities, however – he has. He can throw smacks at enemies, rip at thieves and monsters and, of course, use the so-called gas attack. Another method to defeat enemies is to jump on top of them. Just imagine this incredible battle, this epic fight! This can not be missed!


The Dark Queen kidnapped Princess Angelica and her friend named Pimple. However, there is hope to save them, because the fighting frogs went in search of it. Their names are Zitz and Rush – and you have to help them fight enemies and save friends who are in trouble.

These are difficult frogs, in addition to human bodies, they have powerful blows. After the combo with his hands, the hero’s fist swells to incredible sizes – and sends the bad guy to a knockout. Also, you frogs can collect a variety of weapons and sticks scattered here and there. If you use them in battle, it will go much faster!

Sonic Jam

Remember Sonic the Hedgehog from childhood? And what if he came back to you from the 1990s? It is not even a game that awaits you, but a collection of games about Sonic. In some of them, he will confront the thief Robotnik so that he cannot realize his terrible plans. And somewhere else – you can find yourself in a world similar to the one where Super-Mario lived.

You will have the opportunity to collect rings and coins, fight with opponents. And also Sonic has a super-property: to curl up in a ball and quickly roll like a ball – on enemies. Use this hedgehog skill to overcome obstacles and gather value around the world.

Runner toys are also worth mentioning: Angry Gran (an angry grandmother who doesn’t need your help to cross the road – she herself will give anyone a head start in running and even echo with a newspaper, stick or road sign), games where you will run around exotic temples, on the subway, along with pets, as a cartoon Aladdin, etc.

There are also clicker games – the most optimal for relaxation, because they require a minimum of actions: from time to time click on the screen. Ideal for brain unloading and rest.

And there are also games for olds – to remember childhood to feel the taste of nostalgia. You will be met and dragged into your world by the familiar SEGA prefix. You can play, in addition to the already mentioned Sonic and Aladdin, in Barbie and Bugs Bunny, the Pink Panther and Batman, Alien and Asterix, and even back to the future!