Three American artists — artists Sarah Andersen, Kelly McCairnan and Carla Ortiz — have filed a lawsuit against Stability AI and Midjourney. Companies that have developed an art generator based on artificial intelligence, in their opinion, are violators of copyright law.

Also the defendant is the DeviantArt platform, which recently launched its own art generator, DreamUp.

The artists believe that the companies have violated the rights of millions of artists from around the world. The fact is that the training of neural networks took place on five billion images that were “borrowed” from the Internet without obtaining the consent of their authors.

Support for the lawsuit is provided by the law firm of Joseph Savery, whose specialization is antitrust cases, as well as class actions. Lawyers argue that this lawsuit is another step towards making artificial intelligence ethical and normalizing its functioning.

Recall that the surge in popularity of neural networks has already led to the fact that the images they generate even win competitions.