The corporation has announced another reduction. The reason for it was the fall in online sales and the expectation of a possible recession, Reports Bloomberg.

The January dismissal will affect 18 thousand rubles. employees and will be the largest in the history of the company. Last year, Amazon fired employees from the Alexa and Echo development teams. This time, the retail and HR departments will suffer from the reduction.

About 1% of the total number of company personnel is subject to dismissal, including warehouse workers and delivery. For the 350 thousand Amazon corporate employees from around the world, it will be 6%.

Corporation CEO Andy Jassi promised to take care of the shortened ones. We are talking about the payment of severance pay, temporary medical benefits and employment benefits.

The first reports of dismissal appeared in November last year. Then it was about reducing 10,000 workers. Later, we reported that, as it turned out, almost twice as many employees would fall under the reduction. CEO Andy Jesse acknowledged that the company would have to lay off more employees than it originally intended.