The social network TikTok has announced that it is introducing marks of state media accounts in many countries. The beginning of the marking was laid against the background of the war started by Russia in Ukraine, in March 2022. However, at that time this applied only to the accounts of state media of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Currently, according to TikTok, the marking is official and will affect 40 countries. Which ones are not specified, with the exception of Chinese state media accounts.

It should be noted that in other social networks the marks were introduced quite a long time ago. Yes, on YouTube — in 2018, on Meta and Twitter — in 2020.

Earlier, we reported that TikTok tagged content from 49 accounts of Russian state media to “provide viewers with an important context.”

It also became known that US senators are accusing the popular TikTok platform of spreading Russian military propaganda. They sent a request regarding this to TikTok Shaw executive Ji Zhu.