Samsung has demonstrated a prototype of a new display that will rotate 360 degrees. The display, called Flex In & Out, folds both inward and outward.

It is reported by The Verge.

In 2021, a similar screen was demonstrated by Samsung Display, a subsidiary of the South Korean one. It consisted of the letter S in several segments. Currently, the display has a different hinge design. According to company spokesman John Lucas, it is thinner than the Samsung Display hinge. This minimized the folds between the two screens and reduced the load on the display.

Previously, the South Korean corporation used screens folding in one direction. This is the display of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, an August 2022 product.

According to insiders of The Verge, the new display will receive the not yet announced smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. It is he who will have a screen with a hinge, like the demonstrated prototype.

Recall that Samsung at CES 2023 demonstrated the screen Flex Hybrid OLED. It can not only be folded, but also removed, thus changing the size of the screen and the aspect ratio.