Microsoft company presented a new technology — 3D Avatar Diffusion. With its help, you can create 3D avatars of a person for a photo. Researchers from Microsoft Research worked on the development of the neural network.

3D Avatar Diffusion is an artificial intelligence system that automatically generates highly detailed 3D avatars. High-quality models are available for consideration from all sides. They can be rotated 360 degrees and edited: change hairstyle, hair color, facial expression, select clothes and accessories.

Such avatars will help when creating models in virtual and augmented realities and realistic 3D models of characters for games, etc.

The new development can accelerate the traditionally complex process of 3D modeling. It also opens up prospects for 3D artists.

We remind you that in the beta version of WhatsApp there will be 3D avatars for creating sticker packs. With the help of virtual avatars that beta will have WhatsApp may be creating stickers with a digital copy of yourself.