Users of Google’s Pixel Watch smartwatches began to massively diagnose arrhythmias. The reason for this is the ECG sensor installed in the gadget. The ego goal is to track the user’s cardiac activity, according to 9to5Google.

Journalists of the publication say that users of the Pixel Watch massively receive reports of non-rhythmic heartbeats. They come from the app Fitbit.

At Google’s branded watch There are no official settings that allow you to receive notifications of suspected arrhythmias. Also, this feature is not on the official page Pixel Watch.

Journalists believe that it is about beta testing a feature that the Pixel Watch was released there was no question. Note that gadgets from other manufacturers also send notifications to their owners about the presence of arrhythmias.

Recall that the “apple” company is accused of copyright infringement during the development of the Apple Watch smartwatch. The court ruled that Apple violated Masimo’s patent through built-in heart rate monitors in the Apple Watch.