Apple’s mixed reality helmet (MR helmet) will be called Reality Pro. Its feature will be the support for the control of gaze and gestures. This is stated in a Bloomberg article from the famous insider Mark Gourmet.

Gurman says that the development of the MR-helmet at Apple has been carried out for more than seven years. More than a thousand employees work on the project. Their developments promise something new and interesting.

You can select the icon of the desired application in the 3D version of the interface, which is similar to iOS, only by looking at it. Confirmation of launch and all other actions can be performed by bringing your thumb and pointer closer together.

Reality Pro will have an analogue of the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown button to switch between VR and AR. If AR is activated, the device’s external cameras will turn on. The image from them will be sent to the built-in high-resolution monitors from Sony.

The developers promise that user avatars will be highly realistic, unlike Meta avatars. According to Gourmet, they will only work in FaceTime, and they will not function in group chats.

According to insiders, Reality Pro will not hit the market until the end of 2023. It is assumed that it will be possible to purchase an MR helmet at a price of approximately three thousand dollars.

To recap, Apple is creating a home smart device with a touch screen to control a “smart” home. The company hopes to create a device that will compete with Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Nest Hub devices.