Apple has suspended the process of developing its own Wi-Fi chip. MacRumors became aware of this according to insider analyst Ming-Chi Kvo.

For the first time, they started talking about creating a Wi-Fi chip in January this year. Then Bloomberg journalist Mark Gourmet said that Apple was busy developing its own models of combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips. They were to replace the chips manufactured by Broadcom.

Gourmet stated that already in 2024 Apple had to switch to components of its own production, and in another year completely abandon Broadcom components.

However, now the company’s priorities have changed and it has focused on developing the next generation of A and M series processors. Perhaps over time, the development of your own chip will resume.

Recall that Apple’s mixed reality helmet (MR-helmet) will be called Reality Pro. Its feature will be the support for the control of gaze and gestures.