American bank Morgan Stanley fined its employees for using WhatsApp messenger . The total amount of fines is several million, according to the publication Financial Times.

The complaints were against employees who used WhatsApp for business correspondence. The size of personal fines varied — someone had to pay several thousand, and someone had to pay more than a million dollars. In each case, the amount to be paid was calculated individually. The number of messages sent, the position of the offender and the presence of previous “sins” were taken into account.

Last year, Morgan Stanley Bank itself had to pay a fine of $200 million due to the fact that its employees used unauthorized messengers for work purposes. At the request of U.S. regulators, employee notifications should be kept properly. That is why the vast majority of them prohibit the use of instant messengers for work WhatsApp and Signal due to the fact that they automatically delete sent messages in some time.

As a reminder, a new useful feature was introduced by the WhatsApp messenger. Users will now be able to send messages to themselves.