The Northern California District Court has filed a lawsuit against Apple regarding the collection of data from Phone users. Plaintiff Julia Sima argues that despite imposing a ban on privacy settings, Apple collects data from iPhone users.

This is reported by The Register.

The lawsuit notes that Apple stores personal information and a timeline of all user actions on its devices and apps. This happens despite the mark they fixed in the settings about the refusal to store data . Apple uses this body of information for its own financial gain, Julia emphasizes.

In her indictment, she cites an independent study by Mysk. It says Apple tracks the personal information of iPhone users despite their ban. The company is interested in what applications they use and how they find them. It also tracks the amount of time it takes to view apps in the App Store and search queries in app stores. Apple is also interested in viewing ads by users and clicks on advertisements.

Apple has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

Earlier it became known that the European Union and the United Kingdom are preparing lawsuits against Google. The total amount of claims is 25 billion euros. The basis for them is the accusation of unfair competition in the digital advertising market.