China’s state academy of engineering physics, which develops nuclear weapons, uses US-made computer chips. The purchase of Intel and Nvidia chips has been carried out for decades bypassing US sanctions, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Despite export restrictions in force since 1997, the most important developer of nuclear weapons in the Middle Kingdom continues to receive American computer chips. According to journalists of the publication, this has happened at least ten times in the last two and a half years.

Circumvention of restrictions was carried out through the purchase of less modern semiconductors intended for mass consumption. This helped to avoid export controls by American producers.

Journalists do not exclude the fact that such chips could be used not only in new developments, but also during the maintenance of existing nuclear stocks.

Earlier it became known that while Western countries impose sanctions against the aggressor-Russia, Chinese exports to the Russian Federation of microarrays, electronic components and raw materials used for military purposes have increased significantly.