An unexpected problem awaited the developers of a robotic taxi from California. This time it was caused by the so-called “human factor”.

As it turned out as a result of research, passengers of unmanned cars in which there is no human driver risk falling asleep soundly. This probability is much higher than when traveling with a regular driver. And since there is no one to wake them up, you have to call rescuers.

According to the publication Wired, when traveling long distances, passengers who are bored on the road often just get comfortable and fall asleep. When the taxi arrives at its destination, the voice system notifies you of this. But, as practice has shown, people often simply do not hear the announcement and sleep for themselves further. This, in particular, is due to the fact that the volume system in the car can not exceed the level that is comfortable for a person.

The developers even considered the possibility of arranging a vibromotor in the seat in order to wake passengers up with it. However, there is a risk that a sleepy person will relax even more, weighing it with a relaxing massage.

The publication notes that the need for rescuers to go on calls in order to wake up the passengers of the robot is by no means happy, so they demand to take action.

As a reminder, employees of the Massachusetts University of Technology have created a unique application for a smartphone. With the help of special sensors, it informs about the possibility of collapsing road bridges.