YouTube blogger under the nickname Glarses created a huge keyboard. He spent on its creation $15 thousand. News of this appeared on the Dexerto portal.

The blogger said that he has long been fond of collecting a variety of keyboards. However, among his achievements was the missing giant keyboard like the one that Razer presented during the CES exhibition. Since the blogger did not have the opportunity to purchase the desired gadget, Glarses decided to create his own version of the “largest keyboard in the world.”

All components of the gadget are custom. Their total cost is $15 thousand. According to Glarses, initially the two companies promised to invest his project, but at the production stage they refused to do so.

On the video, which has collected more than 1.4 million views and 94 thousand. likes on YouTube, Glarses demonstrates his invention.

We remind you that on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter they hold a fundraiser for the implementation of the project to create a Pixel keyboard. The unique keyboard is assembled from cubes compatible with the original Lego constructor.