The US government has refused to further approve licenses to US companies that exported a significant amount of goods to Chinese tech giant Huawei. This is reported by the BBC.

The reason for this is the tightening of restrictions on the export of American technologies to the Middle Kingdom initiated by the administration of President Biden, and the aggravation of relations between China and Taiwan, a leading manufacturer of chips.

Prior to that, the United States had repeatedly accused Huawei of cooperating with the Chinese Communist Party. It was also said that the company threatens the national security of the United States.

Some of the U.S. companies have already received a notification from the Department of Commerce regarding the refusal to license technology exports from the United States to Huawei. In the future, a complete ban is planned on the sale of American technologies to Huawei.

The PRC refuses to comment.

As a reminder, the United States has launched an investigation against the Chinese company Huawei because of suspicions that the company’s equipment could intercept and transfer private information from military bases to China.