OpenAI said that along with free access to ChatGPT, a premium plan began to be implemented. Chatbot artificial intelligence ChatGPT Plus At a rate of $20 per month, it will have several advantages. About this Reports Engadget.

Among the advantages is the unhindered access of users to artificial intelligence during peak hours. In addition, OpenAI promises ChatGPT Plus users to open priority access to new features and faster response times.

Currently, the premium plan is only available for Americans. However, in the near future, OpenAI is going to gradually expand its paid audience at the expense of users from the ChatGPT Plus waiting list. It is also expected to attract customers from other countries.

OpenAI hopes that the introduction of a premium plan will allow you to continue to store the free version of ChatGPT.

Earlier, we reported that the ChatGPT chatbot is rapidly gaining popularity — it is not surprising that a lot of dubious applications have appeared on the App Store and Google Play that I am trying to pretend to be a popular bot.