Apple is considering releasing the most expensive iPhone model. It will be called Ultra. This was reported by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, known for his insiders.

Gourmet noted that the iPhone Ultra will be another addition to the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max flagship unit. According to preliminary information, this model will be the first “apple” smartphone without traditional connectors. In addition, you can expect the gadget to get an improved camera and a very powerful processor.

Gourmet believes that the emergence of the Ultra model may be evidenced by Tim Cook’s recent statement that “people are willing to spend money to get the best.” It was with this remark that he responded to comments about the constant rise in price of new iPhone models.

Recall that an interesting lot that will attract the attention of all fans of “apple” gadgets was put up for auction in the United States. We are talking about the unpacked first-generation iPhone, which was released in 2007.