Artificial intelligence ChatGPT successfully coped with the interview for the position of programmer at Google. Google has provided the chatbot with a list of questions that are traditionally asked to applicants for vacant positions. Shtintelligence coped with them.

According to CNBC, this experiment was part of Google’s testing program for a number of ai-powered chatbots. The company wanted to decide which of them could be added to the site.

ChatGPT successfully coped with the interview that applicants for the position of L3 programmer are undergoing. This is one of the initial levels, which, however, has a decent level of payment.

The overwhelming majority of the interview was technical issues. However, some of them also concerned behavioral models.

Journalists at PCMag asked ChatGPT if he would have mastered replacing a person in such a position. Surprisingly, the neural network turned out to be self-critical. The AI replied that it could not completely replace software engineers. He stressed that it is only a tool. In his opinion, to solve certain problems, he lacks a creative approach and critical thinking skills. In addition, ChatGPT admitted that it can only work effectively under the control and guidance of a person.

At the same time, the chatbot noted that over time it could “grow” to replace an entry-level software engineer.

As a reminder, OpenAI previously stated that along with free access to ChatGPT, a premium plan has also begun to be implemented. ChatGPT Plus AI chatbot at a rate of $20 per month will have several advantages.