Three tech giants, Google, Samsung and Qualcomm, have teamed up to create a mixed reality platform. Information about this was announced at the Galaxy Unpacked presentation, according to TechCrunch.

The new partnership will work to create a new technology that will help erase the line between the physical and digital worlds, company representatives said.

With our Snapdragon XR technology, amazing Samsung products, and the Google experience, we have the foundation to make this opportunity a reality.

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon.

Google spokesperson, Senior Vice President for Platforms and Ecosystems Hiroshi Lockheimer, stressed that his company’s significant investment in AR and VR is not only about the experience, but also about the technology to provide it. The union of the three leaders of the technology market will create the technologies of the future, Lockheimer said.

The president and head of Samsung’s mobile division, Tae Moon Roe, noted that the merger so far can only be talked about at the declarative level. Instead, they are all able to invest their own experience in creating a mixed reality platform.

However, there are no specific explanations as to what is planned to be created. It remains to hope for some unique technical breakthrough.

As a reminder, the announcement of Apple’s mixed reality headset is expected soon.