Elon Musk’s SpaceX company has taken measures to prevent the Ukrainian military from using the Starlink satellite Internet to control drones during the war with the terrorist country Russia.

This was stated by the president and chief operating officer of the company Gwyn Shotwell, reports Reuters.

Shotwell noted that the company’s satellite internet service allegedly “was never intended to be used as a weapon.” According to her, Ukrainians used the service in a way that is “not specified in any agreement.” Later, while talking to journalists, she explained that the Ukrainian military used the Starlink service to control drones.

According to Shotwell, “there are things we are capable of doing to thwart them. There are things we can do and we’ve already done.”

However, she did not specify exactly what measures have already been taken in the company. But she stubbornly insisted that using Starlink to control drones violates SpaceX’s agreement with the Ukrainian government. According to Gwyn Shotwell, the contract concluded with Ukraine provided for the use of Internet communication exclusively for humanitarian purposes. At the same time, she said, the company “never wanted the military to use it for an offensive.”

Earlier, the tariff for the services of the satellite Internet provider Starlink for Ukraine jumped up.