Known for his outrageous experiments with shoes, the self-taught designer under the nickname VOID, presented his new work. This time it’s Nike sneakers that have a chainsaw built in. It is noteworthy that the chainsaw really works, according to Hypebeast.

The basis for the experimental product was Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. These shoes are decorated with the image of the main character of the popular Japanese manga “Chainsaw Man” — Denji. The “inventor” attached a tiny chainsaw to the side of the shoe. With its help, you can, for example, cut a roll of toilet paper.

The saw is controlled using an electric drive placed at the back on the sneakers. You can start it with a button.

Fortunately, the extreme designer creates all his inventions in a single copy — exclusively for his own use.

Earlier, Nike announced the creation and launch of the Swoosh platform. There, users will be able to buy, sell, and exchange NFT clothing.