The concept of the yacht of the future, which is designed to look invisible on the water, was presented by designers from the Jozeph Forakis studio. The 88-meter vessel will be called Pegasus.

The yacht is made invisible by many transparent and glass elements in its design. Thanks to them, the sky and water will be reflected, and, as a result, the yacht will merge with the environment. The hull of the vessel will be made using robotic 3D printing.

The yacht will be equipped with all the necessary infrastructure. The designers plan to build a bar, hydroponic garden, swimming pool, jacuzzi, billiards, etc. on it. Currently, the “invisible yacht” Pegasus exists only in the form of a concept. Its construction will begin by 2030.

To recap, Rolls-Royce, in cooperation with the UK space agency, demonstrated its first space project — a model of a nuclear reactor.