Neural networks become omnipresent without exaggeration. Recently, users of the dating app Tinder have started using the ChatGPT neural network. With its help, they conclude congratulatory messages to their potential chosen ones. It is reported by Mashable.

A new “life hack” has been revealed by TikTok users. It turned out that users, interested in the girl, use ChatGPT. Neural networks transmit information about the interest of the chosen one and her account data. Therefore, artificial intelligence generates a message, which is then sent to interlocutors.

The publication notes that the new “technology” is a success. The girls treat messages from the neural network quite condescendingly. In particular, journalists say that ChatGPT even quite successfully writes poems for girls who enjoy success with recipients.

Recall that the neural network Neural Synesthesia painted how, in her opinion, the birth of the Earth’s civilization took place and how the history of our planet will end.