The CEO of OpenAI, a ChatGPT development company, continues to amaze with his eccentric statements. At one time, he called AI a killer and predicted that along with a laboratory-modified virus, it would lead to an apocalypse. Sam Altman’s latest high-profile statement concerns neural networks and capitalism. He admitted that he considers capitalism “cool” and loves it very much. Instead, it does not exclude that someday artificial intelligence will be able to destroy it.

Altman stated this in an interview with Forbes.

According to the developer of ChatGPT, humanity is still far from making artificial intelligence conscious, but he does not exclude that this may happen in the future.

Altman expressed his opinion on the destructive effect of the neural network on capitalism when asked by the publication’s journalist Alex Conrad. He asked about the divergence between the research nature of artificial intelligence and the material interest that capitalism dictates.

I think capitalism is very cool. I love capitalism. Of all the crappy systems that are in the world, this is the best or the least. But I hope we still find a much better one.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

In an interview with Forbes Altman has repeatedly stressed that many factors will influence the future of neural networks. However, “if artificial intelligence really evolves, there will be many ways in which it can destroy capitalism,” the AI developer said.

As a reminder, OpenAI previously stated that along with free access to ChatGPT, a premium plan has also begun to be implemented. ChatGPT Plus AI chatbot at a rate of $20 per month will have several advantages.