A lawsuit has been filed against the creators of the Stable Diffusion neural network. Getty Images photobank accuses stability AI of stealing 12 million images. It is reported by The Verge.

In the lawsuit, the developer of the Stable Diffusion neural network, which generates images at the request of users, is accused of “blatant infringement of intellectual property rights on an incredible scale.” It is said that Stability AI, without permission to do so, made copies of more than 12 million images from the photobank. They were used to train artificial intelligence.

Information regarding the filing of the complaint in the US District Court in Delaware was confirmed to journalists by Anne Flanagan, vice president of communications at Getty Images. She also stressed that a similar lawsuit had been filed in the High Court of London.

Lawyers interviewed by The Verge journalists expressed the opinion that there would be no quick resolution of the case. They noted that Getty Images’ lawsuit is more professional and reasoned for similar claims from artists against neural network developers.

To recap, Getty Images, as well as other photo stocks, have imposed a ban on downloading images generated by artificial intelligence due to possible copyright violations.